Remote Control Use – Instructions

For friends, family, house-sitters that need a “101” on how to use my NAD HTR-3 remote control….

Normal use:
1) TV, ON
2) AMP, ON
3) CAB/SAT (puts the remote in Cable TV mode)

TITLE (brings up TV guide), CH up or down scrolls guide up/down a page at a time
MENU (brings up PVR menu)
DSP (displays info about the channel/recording)
RTN (return / back)

If you ever see a blue screen that says Main Menu, it’s actually the setup screen for the NAD amplifier (from skipping #3 above): just hit the left arrow cursor button to escape out, then the CAB/SAT button to put it in Cable TV mode.

The Telus remote is probably easier to use for channel surfing, but the volume won’t work since it can’t be mapped to the NAD receiver.