I’m a bit of a geek.

This is my personal website that I’ve had for years.  It’s had many different looks over the time it’s evolved, and will likely have many more.  I mostly use it as a means for me to dabble in web tech, and highlight my material passions in life:  photography, concerts, cars, and Hi-Fi.

I realize that WordPress is a blogging tool but I’m using it as an “un-blog”, i.e. mostly for normal web pages and linking to others. No forums. No threads. No bantering.  Just a good tool to do simple updates!

I’m currently in a global role at work (early & late hours), husband, dad of a 3-year old, always have renos to tackle, 2 cars to maintain and 1 to restore, so I will only update as needed… use the RSS feed if you’re interested in being notified.


Terrence Walters

I’ve got a First.Last@gmail if you need to contact me….